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Come for a wild adventure that you never imagined. I am the best woman you can find. My eyes are the best. I graduated from Sociology in Rishikesh. This is where I grew up and this is this place. I was born in I love Rishikesh the weather here changes I can experience very hot weather and also very cold I love the weather and autumn and spring, I love wearing boots in cold and sleeveless weather in hot weather What we experience in summer I love to eat ice cream and in winter I love to eat soup and masala tea I never reveal any secrets and your name and identity, all of those What you say to me will be saved under sheets where you will spend time with me, you can call and meet me whenever you want me to enjoy organizing festivals like Diwali and Holi I also love like other little festivals and jumping with glee seeing chocolates in someone's hands and i don't wait or ask if they are for me, i just take them from whoever brought them to me . I don't like loud music and I play soft romantic music almost every day. I am a very private person and I do not reveal anything about myself easily.


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